Saturday, July 3, 2010

Quips & Quotes – 7/3/10

Noted pollster warns Dems of 'GOP Hurricane'  The NBC/WSJ survey, when combined with a previously released NPR study of likely voters in 70 competitive House districts by Democratic pollster Stan Greenberg and Republican Glen Bolger, point to an outcome for Democrats that is as serious as a heart attack. Make no mistake about it: There is a wave out there, and for Democrats, the House is, at best, teetering on the edge. [ If the GOP doesn’t keep finding ways to gnaw off its own legs like attacking Steele or getting way over cocky about how we, conservatives and teaparties, react to cronyism and nRINOs! – JS ]

2 Dolts! Oliver's Ugly America - Oliver Stone so adores Hugo Chavez he can't see the obvious: he couldn't make his crude president-bashing films in Hugo's Venezuela. Why doesn't Hollywood recognize the liberty America grants them?