Thursday, July 1, 2010

President Barack Mcgoo's "The Economy Is Headed in the Right Direction"

By Hugh Hewitt at

imageFresh from his over-hyped pratfall from the Oval Office that left Americans not only wondering if the president actually cared about the Gulf oil spill more than cap-and-tax but also worried that even his teleprompter skills were failing him, President Obama rushed to Racine Wisconsin Wednesday to deliver what must have been the test drive for his stump speech between now and November.

It crashed, and with it, hopes of Americans for some common sense on the faltering economy and of Democrats for a theme on which to build or even a paragraph of talking points for the fall's contests.

"The economy is headed in the right direction," the president told his gathering of usual suspects in a city where unemployment hovers at 14%.

No, really, he said that.

Having been chided by no less an emphathizer than Bill Clinton the week before, President Obama put on his best "I feel your pain" face but to little avail. He dutifully noted that circumstances for most families were tough and getting tougher, but the "right direction" phrase was like a gong announcing entry into another dimension of reality.

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