Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Hate Baiting and "The Big Bang Cloward-Piven Theory"

By CWJones III

As many will recall, in the late '60's, a Columbia School of Social Work professor named Cloward, partnering with his research assistant, named Piven put forth a theory whereby community organizing could be used to enroll huge numbers of poor people under welfare provisions, causing an economic crisis that would require a national minimum income rather than minimum wage.  In short, socialism could be created by replacing "wage" (money tied directly to production. Read that, capitalism) with "income" (an individual entitlement to income. Read that socialism).  It was a theory that, at its core, used created crisis as the motivating factor for change.

Now, it is my belief that hate is being recreated as the final motivator that brings us to the final crisis, a crisis of violent activity, born from artifically created hate, and used to replace individual liberties guaranteed by our beloved Constitution, with safety from that violence, afforded by government, and achieved at the expense of those self same liberties.

image In short, I think that the rhetoric of hate is being artificially created by racial and economic division will bring us to the brink of violence, that will be finally precipitated by a single incident caused by an unknown provocateur.  Riots reminiscent of 1968, met with counter-riots and violent activity.  Cries and public outcry for peace, and an ultimate public demand for safety from rioters...a demand for significant government intervention, and ultimately the institution of martial law.

This, my friends, is The Big Bang Cloward-Piven Theory. And hate is its engine.

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