Friday, July 16, 2010

“KKK”, “ObamaCare”, “Trials”, “Most Racial President” and more Quips and Quotes

William Wallace: A lordship and titles. Gold. That I should become Judas?
Princess Isabella: Peace is made in such ways.
William Wallace: Slaves are made in such ways.

Hey NAACP! Remember The Ku Klux Klan as Terrorist Wing of the Democratic Party? Yes, the Ku Klux Klan was established by the Democratic Party.  Yes, the Ku Klux Klan murdered thousands of Republicans — African-American and white – in the years following the Civil War.  Yes, the Republican Party and a Republican President, Ulysses Grant, destroyed the KKK with their Ku Klux Klan Act of 1871….. To quote from Back to Basics for the Republican Party, “The more we Republicans know about the history of our party, the more the Democrats will worry about the future of theirs.” Read more…

5 Month Late Social Security/Medicare report means Obama is hiding very bad insolvency news: The reports which come from the Office of the Actuary of the Social Security Administration, are supposed to be used to plan the funding needs of Social Security and Medicare for the next seventy five years. You kind of get the feeling these crooks know Obamanomics have ruined these already shaky programs and there is no way they will last seventy five weeks, let alone seventy five years. Read more…

INCREDIBLE! Look what Obama's cooking up now - His family chef elevated to post as 'senior policy adviser. [ I hope this is just a bad joke or we’re even further down the rabbit hole than I thought! – JS ]

Obamacare: BHO knows Lies, D*mn Lies & Statistics well! Witness > abortion funding moving ahead: As reports are coming out that Pennsylvania is receiving $160 million from the Department of Health and Human Services to set up a new high-risk insurance pool program that will fund abortions, we are seeing, yet again, that the Obama Administration will say and do anything to pass their liberal agenda – ignoring public opinion along the way… Read more…

Simple Logic Defies Tea Party ‘Racist’ Label:
  Gallup says that “Tea Partiers are quite representative of the public at large”.  Are we to conclude that the public at large is racist?
  Six percent of those polled by Gallup are African-American and support the Tea Party.  Are we to conclude these African-Americans are racist?
  Rasmussen Reports tells us “63% of Mainstream Americans say their views are closer to the Tea Party”.  Are we to conclude that two-thirds of Mainstream Americans are racist?
  The Winston Group reports that 41% of Tea Partiers are either Independent or Democrats.  Are we to conclude that all of these people are racist? Read it all…

Obama, Not the 'Post-' but the 'Most' Racial President: It turns out that others are noticing this above-described phenomenon, as well, as a recent Washington Post-ABC News poll revealed that fewer and fewer people believe Obama's presidency has advanced racial relations -- 4 in 10, compared with 6 in 10 when he was inaugurated. This is a very sad turn of events in this nation.

The Bitter Fruit of ObamaCare - No benefits till 2014 but tax and regulations increases now!
ObamaCare dramatically alters the already-overregulated health insurance market. The federal government will now manage your health care decisions. The law creates a maze of mandates, federal directives, price controls, tax increases and subsidies…
  We all begin paying ObamaCare taxes this year. The law includes at last count at least 19 new taxes. As Americans begin to reap the personal financial burden of Obamacare, the movement to repeal it is mounting.

“Trials are not enemies of faith but are opportunities to prove God's faithfulness.” – Unknown

A Sheila Jackson Lee Twofer: The Freedumb Flotilla Sails On