Monday, June 21, 2010

Quick Quips – 6/21/10

INCREDIBLE! BHO solves spill crisis by having Salazar Rename MMS, Adding ‘Regulation and Enforcement’ [ Do you still think we are not way down the rabbit hole? – JS ]

THE BIG QUESTION OF 2010 - Are we fit to be free or do we kowtow to the "more evolved" elite?  [Please read this short piece. I know my answer. Do you? – JS ]

HALL OF SHAME!: Dems Plan to Avoid Deficit Vote by 'Deeming' an Alternative BudgetIf the House decides to go the "alternative" route, it will mark the first time in history the House has not even proposed a budget resolution. Read more…

SHARIA IN AMERICA! Dearborn Police stop Christians from handing out material outside Arab Festival [ This is unbelievable, particularly when you watch about a dozen police confront 3 peaceful Christians trying to distribute the Word! Wonder where the ACLU was? The Koran calls for either the subjugation or murder of all Christians! And we grant them the freedom of assembly but don’t get free speech? This is truly shameful. – JS }

Keith Olbermann's Wisdom - Obama, BP and the crisis of American liberalism. 
  "What has defined us as a nation since our founding is the capacity to shape our destiny--our determination to fight for the America we want for our children. Even if we're unsure exactly what that looks like. Even if we don't yet know precisely how we're going to get there. We know we'll get there."--President Barack Obama, June 15, 2010
  Or, as Harry Truman might have put it: There is as yet no consensus on where the buck stops. And so I've established a national commission to understand the buck's velocity and the degree of kinetic friction between the buck and the surface across which it is traveling. Even if we don't know precisely where the buck is going to stop, we know it'll get there. [ This will be a classic article. Hint: Olberman is upset because he has discovered that his idol can’t lead and his government can’t govern. Read it all… – JS ]

INCREDIBLE! BHO said that it is impossible to "legislate fatherhood" so he'll just throw money at it! And, later, comes another post on the same subject: Obama Announces Dad Fund: Because Some Things You Can’t Put a Price Tag On, and Fatherhood Ain’t One of ‘Em

The 'Paralyzing Principle' - The Gulf disaster rehabilitates the discredited precautionary principle:
  The Gulf oil spill is having all sorts of nasty consequences well beyond damage to the regional environment and economy. Not least, the resulting political panic seems to be rehabilitating the thoroughly discredited theory of regulation known as the precautionary principle.
  This principle holds that government should attempt to prevent any risk—regardless of the costs involved, however minor the benefits and even without understanding what those risks really are. Developed in the late 1960s, this theory served as the intellectual architecture for the Environmental Protection Agency, which is still required to eliminate certain environmental risks no matter how expensive or pointless the effort is. Read more… [ Even Sunstein, one of Obama’s Czars, calls the precautionary principle "incoherent" and "paralyzing," as he put it in an essay in the journal Daedalus two years ago. – JS ]

Israel and the Surrender of the West - for the inferior, hatred is their self-esteem!
  Our problem in the West is understandable. We don't want to lose more moral authority than we already have. So we choose not to see certain things that are right in front of us. For example, we ignore that the Palestinians—and for that matter much of the Middle East—are driven to militancy and war not by legitimate complaints against Israel or the West but by an internalized sense of inferiority. If the Palestinians got everything they want—a sovereign nation and even, let's say, a nuclear weapon—they would wake the next morning still hounded by a sense of inferiority. For better or for worse, modernity is now the measure of man.
  And the quickest cover for inferiority is hatred. The problem is not me; it is them. And in my victimization I enjoy a moral and human grandiosity—no matter how smart and modern my enemy is, I have the innocence that defines victims. I may be poor but my hands are clean. Even my backwardness and poverty only reflect a moral superiority, while my enemy's wealth proves his inhumanity.
Read it all…

HYPOCRISY Watch! WH hits BP CEO for yacht trip while Obama golfs!