Thursday, November 5, 2009

Quick Quips – 11/05/09

Lindsay Graham, Still the Worst: Lindsey Graham is not content merely with being the single worst Republican senator. He wants to win the title by a HUGE margin. And he does. "To those people who are pursuing purity," says our Lickspittle-in-Chief, "you’ll become a club not a party." Well, sir, where, oh where, ANYwhere, did anybody prominent demand absolute ideological "purity"? There he goes again, parroting the unwarranted, unfair, and untrue descriptions of conservatives made by the lefty establishment media. What an insufferably pompous, shallow, suck-up.

40 - The most important number in politics today! That's the percentage of the Virginia electorate that identified themselves as conservatives, the highest number among that ideological group in the Commonwealth since 1994. And, not only did conservatives comprise an extremely large segment of the Virginia electorate, they also cast their ballots for Republicans at a historically high rate; 91 percent of self-identifying conservatives voted GOP while just nine percent cast their vote for Democrats. (Compare that to 2008 when conservatives were one in every three voters and roughly one if five -- 18 percent -- voted Democrat and you see the considerable change in that segment of the electorate in just one year's time. A hat tip, as always, to Post polling director Jon "JC" Cohen for digging into the data.)

Tuesday's Suburban Vote Swing: Even a five-point shift would mean big Democratic losses in 2010. The overall shift away from Democrats was 13 points in Virginia, 12 points in New Jersey, and eight points in Pennsylvania...Tuesday's results were the first sign that voters are revolting against runaway spending and government expansion...But Democrats likely ain't seen nothin' yet if they try to ram through health-care reform. There is nothing in the House bill that would do anything to reverse the voter trend we saw this week.

Crist Says He Didn't Support the Stimulus - From a letter signed by Gov. Charlie Crist and addressed to President Obama:

Dear Mr. President,

We are writing to express our support for the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA), which just passed last week the House and is under consideration currently in the Senate.

More here (PDF).