Friday, June 12, 2009

A Response to ABC's "If I Only Had a Gun" (#guns #2nd #tcot)

Written by Chip Hammond

"On April 10, ABC ran a persuasion piece done by Diane Sawyer entitled 'If I Only Had a Gun.' The purpose of the piece was to convince people that if one were in a situation in which he or she was attacked, especially by someone with a gun, the very last thing that person would want is a gun of their own to defend themselves with." ......

One of Sawyer's points highlighted how seemingly different her moral make-up is than mine. In one of the scenarios, a young lady was able to return fire and hit the shooter, but not without herself being hit. It was obvious from Sawyer's reaction that she deemed this completely unacceptable. The message was, "You may get the shooter, but not without you yourself being shot," with the implicit conclusion, "It is therefore not worth it to have a gun."

That's where Ms. Sawyer and I differ. If being shot means that I can save my family members, friends, or scores of innocent people from a murderous rampage, I'm willing to risk it. Without shooting back, there's a chance I'll be killed in the carnage nevertheless. If I'm going to die anyway, I'd rather that my death serves to save innocent life. That moral conviction is what separates Diane Sawyer from most concealed handgun permit holders. Read more at ....

Chip Hammond is the Pastor of Bethel Orthodox Presbyterian Church in Leesburg, VA.
Article posted on the forum of Center for a Just Society