Thursday, May 1, 2014

Capitalism & Culture, Income Inequality, Statism, Guns, & Inflation...

By John Sykes

   All these examples of the success of the Protestant ethic show that culture is indeed the powerful factor behind capitalism.
   Patrick Moynihan said, "Culture is more powerful than process or power."
   Thomas Sowell said, "Those who say that all cultures are equal never explain why the results of those cultures are so grossly unequal. When some cultures have achieved much greater prosperity, better health, longer life, more advanced technology, more stable government, and greater personal safety than others, has all this been just coincidence?  Moreover, people from other cultures are constantly migrating to these cultures, which fashionable dogmas say are no better than any other."
   Maybe Max Weber was on the right track with the Protestant Ethic and the spirit of capitalism is able to emerge even where socialism seems supreme.
   Just remember: culture trumps reason!

So, remember, If we don't get and keep the culture right, we will have neither reason nor freedom!



Ukraine’s Self-Imposed Statism Crisis vs. Poland's Free Market, Smaller Government Successes! Example after example of this sort of truth exists. You can even see it within our history and it's economic up's and downs!

Blame Donald Sterling for the Economy: The trend is getting worse not better. And that trend is recessionary under anybody's commonsense definition of the word.No wonder GDP has been hit or miss. It’s lacking workers.So pick your excuse when it comes to excusing the recession that's posing as a recovery. Perhaps it's the weather that's lacking, or low, low oil prices, or government spending, or the price of tea in China.I’ve picked my excuse and here it is: Lack of commonsense [& free markets] in too many—way too many-- places!

Gang Culture Responsible for 40% of Recent NY Shootings > This is a culture, not a gun, problem! As always, it's not the gun, the knife, the rock or any other implement's fault. It's the implementer, Stupid!

Inside The “Low-flation” Myth: Rampant Inflation that That Is Seen And Not Seen! This is an incredible collection of illustrations of how our Statist economists are lying and cheating to diminsh the actual inflation occuring! When you set aside "hedonistics" and counterfeiting of the numbers, we are hurting!

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