Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The ends always justify the means to Progressives and the ends are always a totalitarian state!

...The concept of the American form of government was to protect the individual rights of its citizens, especially against the actions of people who agree with Comte. But because people consider self-sacrifice moral, they never speak about defending their individual rights. Most Americans now believe rational self-interest is immoral. People have accepted an unearned guilt in their ethical code and consider being in bondage as justified -- so they will accept ever more ridicule and damnation for being selfish, pay more taxes and suffer more regulations and let the government intrude farther and farther into their lives. Then Progressives will tell us the reason everything is still rotten is because of those selfish obstructionists in society who aren't willing to sacrifice themselves quickly enough.
Always keep in mind what Progressives are "progressing" away from: the ideals and principles of America, the Constitution, the Republic, the rule of law, hands-off capitalism; away from the recognition of individual rights and of property rights; away from personal responsibility and self reliance; away from the idea that man is born free and the American government was created as his servant.
Progressives are gleefully "progressing" towards tyranny and totalitarianism, towards sacrifices and slaves, towards control of your life and your mind, with their power lust leading them all the way. And to globally rule over collective man in shackles is their goal.
The pimps of the ethics of sacrifice should be regarded as enslavers of men in spirit and exposed for what they are really saying. Conversely, the preachers of the ethics of individualism should be regarded as liberators of man in spirit and be commended for what they are really saying.
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