Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Conservative on Target! 4/10/13

Where's the Progress in Progressivism?

   That history (i.e., human action) obeys the laws of cause and effect, and that patterns rooted in the nature of the soul will be manifested in behavior, are not controversial assertions.  That history's causal mechanism is fundamentally independent of human thought and choice, however -- or that thought and choice are merely derivative effects and instruments of the great logic of History -- is a different claim entirely, and one with neither theoretical nor experiential evidence.  This has not prevented the latter claim from becoming perhaps the most successful sophistical argument of all time.  The myth of History as an inescapable and inexorable logical system has worked wonders in the service of tearing down the structures of Western civilization in favor of establishing forms of political oppression as inhuman as any the world has ever known. 
   Thanks to this grand sophistry, resistance to so-called progressivism is now broadly perceived not as standing against tyrannical men (which is what it is), but as defying the force of History.  This leaves all of us who reject the pseudo-theory of historicism, with its new religion and idols of Progress, in the position of Socrates on trial: hated, mocked, and condemned by our contemporaries as impious and a threat to established power.
   Our fate may be similar to that of Socrates, but so must be our defiance in the face of irrational power.


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