Friday, April 5, 2013

Curiouser & Curiouser - From way, way down the rabbit hole of age and gender discrimination....

By John Sykes

A liberal US District judge just ruled that we must provide the "morning-after pill to everyone",  including our children, without regard for age. The progressive mind bent would seem to deem this age and abortion discrimination.

In truth, the logical extension of this argument means that nobody will be denied anything because of their age or gender.

The feminists appear to have won the sex side, the gender of this thing.

So now the pro-lifers, like me, have a real battle on our hands, no matter how absurd this truly is. The abortionists, the pro-choicers, are already salivating and see a wide open door in an area they have been taking some losses in. The libertarians are chuckling.

So tell me... 

Are we to let anybody of any age drive legally .. Or vote legally?.. Or smoke legally?... Or have sex legally?... Or have sex with legally?... Or work legally?... Or go to school legally?

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