Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Conservative on Target! 4/3/13

Facing the Hardest Truth on Public Education: In sum, state control of education -- as of most things -- is an invitation to ignoble men to insinuate themselves and their immoral motives into the system, seeking their own perceived advantage at the expense of fellow men who fall under the jurisdiction of their legislative influence.  And since, in this case, it is the soul of the future -- the children -- into which evil may be insinuated, it would seem that education, far from being an exception to the rule of limited government, ought to be an especially emphatic marker of the proper limits of legitimate government involvement in men's affairs.

How Liberals Corrode Society: The real problem with the modern era is the modern ruling class. All over the western world ordinary people, with creative abandon, have been inventing new ways of encouraging our instinctive natures as social animals to be nice rather than nasty. But the ruling class gives us a president whose only talent seems to be to sow mistrust and divide us. They give us a politics that regresses to the band of robbers, recruiting people to its ranks.

Critical Considerations for Immigration Reform
   All the foregoing elicits the obvious questions: why are we allowing so many immigrants into America who have little or nothing to contribute, much less granting them green cards?  Why are we importing poverty from anywhere?  Why are we adding to welfare rolls when we have a surfeit of domestic recipients and our national debt is almost $17 trillion?  Why are we ignoring potential future ethnic conflict?  America is the world's unchallenged immigration magnet, yet we are more concerned with reuniting families, supporting most of them at taxpayers' expense, then we are in doing what's in the national interest: welcoming the motivated, educated, highly trained people from all over clamoring to come here.
   What is wrong with this picture?  And it is this picture that should be the focus for immigration reform.


AWFUL! Veteran Has His Guns Confiscated After Being Forced To Take ‘Psychiatric Evaluation’

If you could only know one thing about the US debt problem, you would want it to be this


MUST LISTEN if you are a gunner: 15 year old girl leaves anti-gun politicians speechless!

Obama pushing home loans for people with bad credit > The Definition Of CRAZY!

RED STATE Romp! Conservatives Take Three Judicial Victories in Wisconsin

GREEN TYRANNY: You can love nature & still hate the tyranny that environmental regulations bring!

WH Still Awkwardly Backtracking on Sequester-pocalypse, Trying to Cover Obama's lies!