Saturday, April 27, 2013

A Modest Proposal To All "Moderate Humans", Not Just "Moderate Muslims"...

By John Sykes
I'm a little tired of hearing how racist I am when I point out that the Muslim culture must be watched with very wary eyes. For all you "brilliant" progressives, Islam is not a race  but a religion and, more importantly, a culture.
And, hey, the crusades happened over 700 years ago. I'll even forget that they were a response to Muslim conquest if you'll just put them aside.
Most of all, Jesus didn't teach that we were to subjugate all "infidels" (non-Christians) by death or taxation. He didn't strap explosive vests on children, women and other assorted cowards. He teaches us to be inclusive.
Are all Muslims screaming jihadists? Of course not! But there are over a billion Muslims out there. It only takes a small portion of them to enflame the world.
Are all Muslims bad people? Of course not. But far too many are silent in the face of their religion's violence and a litany of cultural abominations.
And, of course, I accept the fact that there are many, maybe even a majority, of "moderate" Muslims.
So what's a "moderate" Muslim?
In 7 Things Every Moderate Muslim Should Believe, John Hawkins is right on:
....So, let's shoulder past both political correctness and "Islamophobia" and have a real discussion about "moderate Muslims." We do hear the phrase "moderate Muslim" tossed around a lot; so isn't it about time that someone actually takes a crack at defining what it means?
As a non-Muslim, I consider someone to be a "moderate Muslim" if he....
1) ...Opposes terrorist attacks on civilians the world over.
2) ...Doesn't believe that damaging a Quran or a Muhammad cartoon is a legitimate reason to behave in a violent fashion.
3) ...Believes people have a right to leave the Islamic faith in peace without having to face legal repercussions or violence.
4) ...Rejects wife beating, forced marriages, clitorectomies and violence towards women.
5) ...Thinks women have just as much of a right to be educated as men, should be able to leave the house without a male relative and should be allowed to FREELY CHOOSE whether or not they want to wear a Burqa or Hijab.
6) ...Rejects anti-Semitism, Holocaust denial and genocide against Israel.
7) ...Is against Sharia, which is a primitive, barbaric code that is pro wife-beating, pro-rape, anti-free speech, homophobic and entirely incompatible with civilized behavior.

So, are you a Muslim? Do you want to peacefully co-exist in this world? Just sign on to the above.

But, more importantly and the true purpose of this post, if you're a "moderate human", just replace any reference to the Muslim religion or culture in Hawkin's statement above with a generic substitute. Read it again. Then sign on to it.

If you can't, you are too lost in the world of yourself or your cult. You are truly one of the world's useful idiots. Find another neighborhood, country and best of all, world to live in.