Thursday, March 21, 2013

Right Or Legal - “Resistance to tyranny is service to God.”

By Larry Miller at

The sixth chapter of the book of Daniel tells us the story of a man who was forbidden to pray to his God by his government… yet, he did it anyway. It is true that less than honorable men let their jealousy lead them to attempt to destroy this man whose good work and impeccable ethics gained him recognition of the king. But, whatever their motives, they used the legal power of the state to make his honorable practices illegal.

Daniel’s dedication to his Creator came in direct conflict with the laws of his monarch. It’s true that Romans 13 tells us to submit to earthly authorities whose job is to be the servants of God to watch out for the welfare of His people as His earthly surrogate. But, what happens when these earthly rulers go off in directions far from God and His righteousness?
Are they still acting as God’s surrogate, looking out for the people, rewarding good and punishing evil? Was denying this godly man his time of prayer working for the benefit of the people? Was issuing a decree that everyone, including God’s children, bow down before the image of a man, demanding that they break the very first commandment of having no other gods before the real God, following a leader’s mandate?
We read that Daniel obeyed God and defied the king’s command. Later, we read that Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego obeyed God and refused to bend their knees to the image of a mere man, even if he was a king. They were right, but, in both cases there were consequences. Daniel was thrown into a den of hungry lions. The three Hebrews were thrown into a super heated furnace. In both cases they were spared and lived to worship another day.
Such is not always the case. John the Baptist was beheaded. Jesus disciples died horrible deaths. Yet, whether they were spared of not, they were all obedient. as they chose to obey their Creator rather than the laws of fallen men.
The Catholic Church is making a stand against the horrors of more slaughtered children that ObamaKare would bring to our land… adding to our national sin of abortion. Hobby Lobby CEO is making a stand over the very same issue. It seems that Dominos Pizza has been successful in fighting this good fight. There are consequences to those who stand up against the thugs in Washington, yet no one with principles would say that this should not be done.
Some would wonder if it was just the horror of abortion or the abomination of homosexuality that should trigger our resistance to the immorality inside the beltway. I would ask if helping people retain their God given freedom by fighting confiscatory taxation that makes us slaves of the government is a worthy effort. I would ask if turning over to whose who lead us into evil, a monopoly on the ability to use force by giving up weapons that keep them at bey would be the right thing to do?
One of our founders, James Madison, put it this way, “Resistance to tyranny is service to God.” He understood that if we did not stand for what is right, we were complicit in the wrong. Following our leaders – of both parties – down the path of national destruction may be legal, just like bowing before the image of a king or giving up prayer because we are told to. But it would be wrong.
Going along with the evil in our land would be going against the words of the one who created us and gave us life. We need to consider who can make our lives miserable and end them even, or who has power over our eternal destiny. When viewed in that light, Obama, Reid, Pelosi and company, along with Boehner and his cohorts look pretty puny.
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