Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Deconstructing America - Promulgating The Big Lie as Liberalism's Good News

By Michael Bargo Jr. at

Certainly it can no longer be denied: the progressive infiltration of our Fourth Estate and our intellectual academies are effectively complete. Although both were once highly regarded institutions, they have been thoroughly compromised as willing organs dedicated towards ushering in the Gospel of the Benevolent State. However, in order to make straight the steps leading to the Beautiful Lands, it became necessary to throw one's professional integrity under the freight train and to sell one's temporal soul for thirty pieces of silver and the respectability that one rightfully accrues upon assuming the title of House Courtesan. As it turned out, applicants lined up from around the block.

In promulgating the Big Lie as Liberalism's Good News, it was incumbent upon the elitist nomenclatura to carry water that evangelized a countercultural mythology touting America as de facto "Jailer of the Emergent Progressive Soul" and that "bloody boot" forever impressed upon the neck of its ubiquitous poor. Having long since bought into postmodernity's deconstruction of truth, the demolition of history for the politicized perspective of utilitarian ends became the broken eggs of necessity. And if a crime of intellectual commission or omission obscured an inconvenient truth or required painting a Happy Face on the gates of a Destructive Labor Camp, then so be it -- given the political revelation that an irresistible utopian transformation of mankind hung tenuously in the balance.

In turning a people away from their traditions, values, and beliefs, it is best to initiate the task at hand with the education of children, for he who molds the minds of the young holds the keys to a formidable power in the fullness of time. Additionally, if one can control the narrative of history and through selective and anecdotal fiat prove that the American experiment was in fact a vainglorious and self-interested project aimed towards the immoral acquisition and denial of political and economic power, then it is infinitely simpler to cleave a generation from its roots. It is only necessary to infer that what began in injustice proceeds in injustice. And while Charles Beard in his 1913 seminal work An Economic Interpretation of the Constitution of the United States laid the foundation for deconstructing American liberty, it would be Howard Zinn's A People's History of the United States: 1492 to Present, that provided the polemical acid necessary to dissolve the worldview of millions of young ill-educated minds.

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