Thursday, March 28, 2013

Conservative on Target! 3/28/13

The Supreme Court and Faux-marriage Fallacies: Of course, winning the debate in the realm of reason won't hold sway with people awash in the effluent of emotion. But it doesn't help if conservatives conserve nothing but yesterday's liberals' victories, one of which is to convince us to speak of "gay marriage" and "traditional marriage," as if the former actually exists and the latter isn't a redundancy. So remember that this debate isn't about rights but definitions, and something that doesn't meet the definition of "marriage" doesn't exist as a marriage. And you cannot have a right to that which doesn't exist.

The GOP must do a better job showcasing black conservatives.
   Unquestionably, the left will deem GOP efforts to expose minorities to black conservatives exploitative.  Well, duh!  They want us to fail.  Please tell me our side is done with allowing the left to set the rules of engagement.
   Defaulting to Liberalism Lite is not the way to win low-info minority voters. The most inclusive and compassionate outreach campaign is one which informs minorities that the Yellow Brick Road to reaching their dreams is conservatism.

Photo: Sadly, this is all too true.


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"HERE IS THE TRUTH: You can NOT be neutral about the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Either it is true...or it is a lie." Pastor Larry Thompson