Monday, January 21, 2013

Leadership III – I have sinned ~ Mat 27:4

By Wallace Henley in "Five Stages of Leadership – Honesty (Part 3)"

...After hubris has led to humiliation, there's nothing that will lead to restoration faster than the stark honesty of "I have sinned." The problem is – as another leader shows – such honesty usually begins in the "dust" after humiliation has deflated hubris-swelled psyches.

Jesus told His disciples He would go to Jerusalem, where He would be arrested and put on trial, and that they would all desert him. Pumped up with hubris, Simon Peter vowed he would never deny Jesus. However, Peter's denial is lashed historically to his name and reputation, an albatross of humiliation. But when he flings himself into the dust, and weeps out his confession of sin, humiliation produces honesty that qualifies Simon Peter for leadership, and takes most of the stench from history's memory of his denial.

No wonder Simon Peter can be trusted to be point-man for the band of Jesus' followers, and a foundational person in building the church. Leaders who allow their humiliation to take them into the dust of honesty and repentance can be entrusted with nations, families, churches, educational systems, businesses, and all else.

Everything depends on what a leader does with humiliation. If it leads to honesty, the humiliation that follows hubris is a great spur to positive progress. But if humiliation leads only to cover ups and deceit, its pain is wasted, and many are brought down. And the best thing honesty can lead to is "honing," the sharpening of character, professionalism, leadership skills, and credibility.