Friday, January 18, 2013

Immigration - So let's do it right but do it we must!

By John Sykes

The calls to stop immigration to this country, rather than intelligently control it, are reaching a crescendo. Without immigration, our birthrates will not support this society. Denying immigration is much like denying guns. Without either, we will perish.

We should provide for more and better immigrants, admitting those who can and will contribute to our workforce and who want to be Americans - not Cuban-Mexican-German-Israeli or any other kind of hyphenated American - Americans.

Of course we need to assimilate those we admit. 

They must learn English. 

They must get jobs. 

They must salute one flag - our flag.

They must become citizens or leave.

Nothing that is good is ever easy but we cannot survive without well planned and controlled immigration. After all, most of us wouldn't be here without immigration.

So let's do it right but do it we must!

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