Sunday, January 6, 2013

'Fiscal Conservatism,' R.I.P.

By Fay Voshell

The ongoing "fiscal cliff" debacle should put to rest forever the notion that "moderate" Republicans, who eschew social conservatism can still remain fiscal conservatives who favor smaller government.
The capitulation of John Boehner and the House Republicans to Democrat demands means that the Left's agenda will be tinkered with only at the edges, as the opportunity to force a desperately needed, bare-knuckled fiscal showdown was completely lost. For the near future at least, the laughably named economic policies coming forth from both Senate and House will be merely a matter of arguing over who gets what. That is because the entire congressional swimming pool is now dominated by sharks gripped by a nonstop feeding frenzy.
It has been extremely troubling to see leading Republicans defend what is essentially a Waterloo for the party, gathering up the crumbs from under his Lordship's table while barely crawling out from underneath, all the time proclaiming they will live to fight another day....

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