Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Conservative on Target! 1/29/13

From Chuck Assay at creators.com

This cartoon truly sums up the whole immigration play. The RINOs are getting gamed again! Mark my words!


Obama's Defense Secretary Nominee Said #Israel Keeps ‘Palestinians Caged Up Like Animals’  http://bit.ly/TU2rV7

The Sandy Hook Lies! Lies! Lies! Used to Promote Gun Control - "Assault-style" weapon never used! http://bit.ly/WNONzo

Obama Cloaks Himself in Magical Ideology > We have elected an adolescent. http://bit.ly/UB1RcE

Amnesty Now; Enforcement Never > How RINOs will get gamed again: http://bit.ly/XeKwoC

Obama says illegal immigration crossings down 80% on his watch. Duh. Economy stinks & no jobs to come for...

Dial 911 While You Wait to Die - Some very SCARY stats!  http://bit.ly/WqmVDh

Secure borders, then discuss immigration reform > They're separate issues & will avoid broken Dem promises http://bit.ly/XaJGch

Armed Robber Flees Home After Women Chant the Name 'Jesus' > Progressives want the women to register Jesus http://bit.ly/WnVRnT

So, #Unions Mislead About Income Effects Of Right-To-Work States? Shocking!  http://bit.ly/WnU8iH

Thanks To Democrats There Are Now Two Ways An American Can Make A Living (A Hank Williams Poster Truth) http://bit.ly/14pz0MF