Saturday, January 19, 2013

Conservative on Target! 1/19/13

Despite controversy or recriminations, Christians must stay in the arena, engaged in public life. Our posture in the midst of these divisive issues is important, but so is our presence.

So, here it is [conservatism] in a nutshell: fiscal discipline, free enterprise, constitutionally limited government, and low taxes (economics and freedom); moral standards (social); and peace through strength (defense).

Re The Bigger Picture   
   ...the TSA is a prime example of the broader insanity of the precautionary principle applied without regard to cost-benefit analysis...
   Even if this precautionary principle were entirely successful, even if – to use the Joe Biden test – it were to prevent one single death, what kind of functioning citizenry is likely to emerge from a government cocoon that treats them like a dimwitted, terrified, risk-averse ovine herd [Put more simply . Look before you leap. Study before you spend.]

One of the features that distinguished Bolshevism from Tsarism was the insistence of Lenin and his followers on the need for a complete overhaul of society. Old-fashioned despots may modernize in piecemeal fashion if doing so seems necessary to maintain their power, but they do not aim at remaking society on a new model, still less at fashioning a new type of humanity. Communist regimes engaged in mass killing in order to achieve these transformations, and paradoxically it is this essentially totalitarian ambition that has appealed to liberals. Here as elsewhere, the commonplace distinction between utopianism and meliorism is less than fundamental. In its predominant forms, liberalism has been in recent times a version of the religion of humanity, and with rare exceptions— [Bertrand] Russell is one of the few that come to mind—liberals have seen the Communist experiment as a hyperbolic expression of their own project of improvement; if the experiment failed, its casualties were incurred for the sake of a progressive cause. To think otherwise—to admit the possibility that the millions who were judged to be less than fully human suffered and died for nothing—would be to question the idea that history is a story of continuing human advance, which for liberals today is an article of faith. That is why, despite all evidence to the contrary, so many of them continue to deny Communism's clear affinities with Fascism. Blindness to the true nature of Communism is an inability to accept that radical evil can come from the pursuit of progress. John Gray, professor emeritus at the London School of Economics, writing in the Times Literary Supplement, Jan. 2

The Liberal War on Responsibility
Understanding the reason for liberal attempts to restrict our Second Amendment rights does not directly impact on the battle to protect the rights that so many Americans have died for. But understanding that we're not contesting with a rational argument, but rather with a knee-jerk reaction based on a refusal to acknowledge the need to be responsible for one's own actions may help us develop strategies that more effectively counter liberal hysteria; a hysteria based not on concern for children but rather on a need to protect liberal core beliefs in a personal lack of responsibility for their own actions.


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