Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Conservative on Target! 1/15/13

Not a Job for "Fast & Furious" Eric
   Asked what might be some of the gun control measures he believes he can institute by executive order, President Obama suggested he might mandate ways in which guns could be tracked better in order to see that they don’t fall into the hands of criminals.
   A worthwhile objective, but not a job he should farm out to Attorney General Eric Holder, whose performance in keeping track of guns is less than exemplary.

"The press is hostile to the idea of liberty. Most people in the press are for big government. Most people think that the solution to anything, whether it's health care problems, education, whatever it is -- it's got to be more government." -- Harry Browne

Barack Obama - Weapon of Mass Distraction
   It’s time for the naive among us to wake up and help in the fight instead of rolling over to this tyranny. Obama is going to continue his fast march toward fundamentally transforming America into a full-blown socialist state while pretending to be a champion of capitalism and representative government. Can those on our side at least quit providing him aid and comfort by refusing to open their eyes to what is happening?
   It should now be abundantly clear what Benjamin Franklin meant when he responded to the question of what type of government the Framers had crafted: “A republic, madam, if you can keep it.”
   Well, can we keep it? Do we even want to keep it?


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