Sunday, January 13, 2013

Conservative on Target! 1/13/13

 Loving the Sinner Without Loving the Sin
   Some argue that it is impossible to love the sinner while hating the sin, but C. S. Lewis, in Mere Christianity, has disabused us of that argument. We all know how to love the sinner and hate the sin, for we do it every day—to ourselves. I hate the sinful things that I do, yet I continue to love myself. Indeed, the reason I hate my sinful behaviors is because I know that they are preventing me from being the person I should be, that noble person that I am in those fleeting moments when I conform to the image for which God intended me. 

Another Study Confirms: Head Start Doesn’t Work
   In 2010, HHS released a similar report looking at first-grade outcomes. Both studies show similar results: Not only does Head Start have no impact on children’s academic outcomes, but it also has little to no impact on other measures of child well-being and, in some cases, even has some negative impacts...
After five decades, Head Start continues to default on its aim to boost school readiness. In addition to the program’s overall ineffectiveness, there are government reports of fraud in the program. Yet Head Start continues to receive billions of taxpayer dollars every year. Since Head Start began, more than $180 billion taxpayer dollars have been spent to fund it—and Congress is currently contemplating allocating millions of extra dollars to the program through the supplemental aid package for Hurricane Sandy victims.
   “In the interest of children and taxpayers, it’s time for this nearly half-century experiment to come to an end,” write Burke and Muhlhausen. But if it must continue, they note, reform is necessary. “If the federal government continues to fund Head Start, policymakers should allow states to make their Head Start dollars portable, following children to a private preschool provider of choice.”

The Spoiled-Brat Syndrome
   In the 1920s and 1930s, John Dewey championed the concept that the formal educational system needed to provide children more than just rote learning. The traditional family-oriented life style of the rural farm was being replaced by the industrial workplace and family separation. The State was being relegated the role of universal educator and absent daytime parent. Dewey argued for making the child an interactive member in the educational process and recognizing the variety of individual emotional and intellectual talents amongst children. They were to be prompted to want to learn, and to learn in the interactive environment of other children. Children were to be educated to become functioning members of society and government, and not just robotlike factory workers. It all sounded quite reasonable.
   So far so good, but eventually it was not good enough for progressivism. Over the ensuing decades, progressives further fine-tuned the original concept to focus more and more on the child as the center about which all educational efforts were to be expended. The child became the star of the show, rather than a participant, and the child was made aware of his star status. The original intent to make the educational process more enjoyable for the child so that he/she would eventually become a thinking participant in the democratic process of self-governance became blurred. The child-star was now to be protected and shielded from the "real world" out there, and from other competing child-stars.


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