Wednesday, December 12, 2012

The Journey to the Fiscal Cliff Without a Compass

From Dan Delzell at

As our nation teeters on the edge of "the fiscal cliff," there are stark realities that come into view as we look down into the ravine. It's not a pretty sight to be sure. But it's not just what is seen in the ravine that is alarming....but also, what is not seen here on the cliff. As we gaze upon the current state of affairs, we find that our nation's leaders are without a reliable compass .... specifically, a moral compass. No wonder we are lost and have come to this point on our journey together as Americans. No wonder we find ourselves in such a precarious position.

So what happened to the moral compass which has guided America throughout much of her history? Simply put, the moral compass was left behind years ago....and therefore, the expedition has been led largely by folks who are lost....and who proceeded to lead all of us according to their senses, rather than according to the moral compass given by God. 

Financially speaking, our entire nation is now on the brink because our leaders have brought us to this cliff.

The moral compass our nation needs is the one which God gives to those who know Him. This compass guides His people....and blesses others around them. That compass was ignored when the decision was made to legalize the killing of the unborn. Those who embrace the lie of evolution often find themselves apathetic to the needs of those unborn children who desperately need to be embraced by their mother....rather than aborted by their mother and her abortion provider.

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