Sunday, December 2, 2012

House Passes STEM Immigration Reform. Racialists Go Crazy.

...It doesn’t matter that Luis Gutierrez wouldn’t recognize a core value of the United States if one leapt out of the tall grass and latched onto his butt. [His] statement reveals the true purpose of the Democrat’s immigration program is not to bring in persons most likely to be productive citizens, rather they are interested in bringing in people who are most likely to become government dependents if not actual wards.
His objection is in equal parts stupid and noxious. The elimination of the diversity visa program will not restrict the ability of people from any area of the world to apply for an visa to immigrate. What it will do is place everyone on the same level playing field by not not bringing in an arbitrary number of people from a few favored countries.
More important, something that Mr. Gutierrez doesn’t seem to understand, is that there is no right to immigrate. Being allowed to live and work in the United States, and to eventually become a citizen, is a privilege granted to relatively few. As a nation we have a responsibility to ensure that we bring in people that have the best chance of supporting themselves and contributing most to the nation. So he is correct that we are choosing winners and losers. The difference being is the winners this bill chooses are people with advanced degrees who speak English and who have progressed by dint of hard work. The winners Mr. Gutierrez and his ilk would choose are people at the bottom rungs of the socio-economic ladder who have a greater propensity to be the recipients of government largesse and become Democrat voters.