Tuesday, November 20, 2012

In Election 2012's Aftermath, Biblical Christians Will Become Increasingly Marginalized

2006-08-22 - Road Trip - Day 30 - United State...By Bill Flax at forbes.com

In the election’s aftermath, the culture war looks like a rout. Few ever relished this fight; most preferred simply to be left alone. We aren’t community organizers. Sadly, neutrality was not realistic. No, being Switzerland was never an option. By not defending America’s heritage of limited government, free markets and biblical morality, we’re being overrun a la Belgium.

Powerful forces array. Christians consider this battle in spiritual terms. Conservatives sense a political donnybrook. Others deplore eroding standards of conduct and lost liberty. The Left vies for our children’s hearts, souls and minds. While no majority, progressives dominate the dissemination of thought. The mainstream media, entertainment industries, education system and much of government skew very far left.

Take same-sex “marriage.” Shifting attitudes reflect in part, an academic establishment inculcating progressive cloud dancing. It’s rotten that Hollywood mocks the “Modern Family” then thrusts “666 Park Ave” in primetime, but TV can be tuned out. Regardless of your opinion on marriage, public schools on taxpayers’ dime have directly assailed what had been deeply held convictions of most parents.

Society is benefited by biblical conceptions of family, morals and yes, government. There clearly remains a necessity, nay urgency, for Christian voices. We shan’t surrender Mars Hill, but Washington could get every economic, social and political policy right without it amounting to a hill of beans. Political successes rest on shifting sands

God’s Word has not changed. Short of spiritual renewal, as America scurries down its merry leftward path, Biblical Christians will become increasingly marginalized. But rest easy, salvation does not come via government.

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