Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Debtor's prisons for our overspending, redistributionist politicians and bureaucrats?

By John Sykes

The information below should put the falsities about who pays what in taxes to bed. There can be no question that the more you make, the more you  proportionally pay, including corporations and estate taxes. Redistribution is a fact and has been since the onset of income taxation in America.

Within these Effective Average Tax rates lies the solution to our tax mess, fiscal cliffs, and any other cute way to avoid saying we are broke and getting broker. 

Right now! Not Tomorrow! Now! Adjust our tax system to use the current effective rates. Throw out all deductions, credits and other social engineering attempts.

Implement an effective budget related to GDP. Include in that budget a fixed dedicated to debt reduction. Disallow any new spending that does not immediately reduce spending by the same amount else where. And finally attack waste & fraud.

Most of all, quit letting our politicians over-complicate a rather simple matter. After all, they thrive on trying to muddle and confuse us. After all, we are too dumb to get along without their elitist bunk. They confuse us on one-hand while they have the other one in the till.

We all know, although some of us won't admit it, that we can't long spend more than we take in.

If the overspending continues, should we try a simple correction tool -  debtor's prisons for our overspending politicans and bureaucrats? If we throw them out, even term-limit them, if they haven't already gotten rich at the public trough, they just get very lucrative lobbying positions and wait for their personal stink to subside.