Sunday, November 11, 2012

Conservative on Target–11/11/12

   DO REPUBLICANS REALLY NEED TO "MODERNIZE THE MESSAGE"? In 1835, Alexis de Tocqueville predicted the 2012 elections:
   If Republicans want to "modernize their message", which is the latest brilliant counsel of Beltway pundits, RINO establishment types, and related losers of consecutive presidential elections, they would do well to heed Tocqueville.
  The message of liberty and opportunity, well articulated, is one that embraces all races, all religions, all ethnicities, all backgrounds.
And that is the message that will appeal to a majority of Americans as it did in 2010, as it did in the era of Reagan, and as it did during the Founding.

After Obama: The Coming Reign of Incredibly Small Government: The future is one of incredibly small government -- not in the virtuous, self-reliant Republic sort of way, but in the tragic "government crashes into the January fiscal cliff and explodes" sort of way.  The grand programs instituted under the guise of moral superiority will abruptly end amongst the shrapnel of audacious government meeting the rocky cliffs of nature's reality.  If entitlements and social programs are tinkered with to conform to budget realities, it is cheap and easy to condemn them as mean or racist or some such thing within the political arena.  If these programs stop abruptly because they have been purposefully grown to ridiculously unsustainable levels, those who refused to scale back well-intentioned programs when offered the chance will be responsible for the primitive violence engulfing our cities.  The new and less noble beasts prowling the once-peaceful streets will be the creation of insane spending and decades of dishonest and vain politics.

What Conservatives Need: …all of the politicking in the world can't make up for an ill-informed, misinformed electorate that gets its information from a partisan press and corrupt educational systeminstead of blaming, we should be brainstorming about how we can turn this around and seize the Senate in 2014 and secure the White House in 2016.

   The Disappointment of Living in an Electoral Republic: It's sad to contemplate the possibility that the party that wins a close election is the one who is better at rounding up the most homeless, senile, or otherwise completely ignorant people and herd them to the polls and tell them how to vote…
I have no grand plan to offer up, but I think we need to hire better quants next election, set up a better ground game and see a means of translating the best of the conservative writers into the various languages of recent immigrants and providing the material to ethnic media who to date seem largely unaware of the Constitution, economics, and the issues of the day. They came here for a better life; do they really want to vote into power governments like the ones they left in exchange for bits of government largesse?

Are you too conservative and far to the right because biblical principles which this nation is founded upon are just too difficult to fight for? The U.S. Constitution is more than just a document and the biblical teachings upon which this nation is founded is more than an interesting collection of words.

2 Thessalonians 2:15: “So then, brothers, stand firm and hold to the teachings we passed on to you, whether by word of mouth or by letter.”

These constitutional and biblical principles are worth standing firm upon, even when the liberal bullies on the left reside in the offices of the media elite or the Oval office.


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Progressives say "We" and mean "We The Government", Conservatives say "We" and mean 'We The People". Make your choice soon ..

DO REPUBLICANS REALLY NEED TO "MODERNIZE THE MESSAGE? de Tocqueville predicted the 2012 elections