Thursday, November 8, 2012

Conservative on Target! 11/8/12

   The two most important forces in our 100-year, relentless and sleazy cultural slide to the left are the Main Street Media and our schools. The first slants and lies to the illiterate and indoctrinated products of the second.

The Big Tent in the Middle: Barack Obama's victory vindicates the "base" strategy of the Democrats. Obama never moved to the center, even as he cast his centrist opponent as an extremist. Obama didn't worry too much about winning conservative-leaning independents; he just made sure liberal Democrats got to the polls.
   Democrats win elections by rejecting the "big tent" advice that they typically give to Republicans. While they mau-mau Republicans into "moving to the middle," they stand immobile on the left, maintaining fierce ideological purity and deploying wedge issues without apology. This unites their side and divides the opposition, producing contests of liberal conviction and character assassination versus GOP ambiguity and polite disagreement. They nominate candidates who accept without reservation the Democratic Party platform; Republicans struggle to find candidates willing to uphold theirs. Democrats call Republicans evil; Republicans call Democrats merely mistaken. And yet, haplessly, the Republicans are the ones who find themselves answering charges of extremism from the media.

Take Down the Big Tent: The Democrats are unapologetically the party of the left. If Republicans would ever stop mincing around and start being the full-service party of the right they might get somewhere. As it stands, Republicans continue to natter on about the "electability" of yet another moderate, politically correct, Marquis of Queensberrry, oh-so-polite candidate who refuses to pin the tail on the odious donkeys and as a result gets his rear handed to him by Democrats who never hesitate to throw the fastball high and tight.

   Steve Forbes: The Future Of The Economy Post Election:
We are in trouble here. There’s likely to be a deal on avoiding the fiscal cliff but the result will be higher taxes on capital formation and on vibrant small businesses. The numerous taxes from ObamaCare will impose another debilitating burden on our shaky economy.  We mentioned earlier the bewildering array of new regulations coming on healthcare and other sectors of the economy.
   On taxes we are falling into the Europe/Japan trap of expanding the public sector while hurting the private sector.  Not since the 1930s have governments of major nations deliberately imposed more and more taxes on weakening economies.
   Sadly the Federal Reserve’s destructive trashing-the-dollar policies will continue.
   We won’t even mention what’s going to happen on spending.
   It will take only a miracle to save us from a recession next year.

"Are right and wrong convertible terms, dependant upon popular opinion?"
-- William Lloyd Garrison



SHAME on GOP! 3,000,000 less GOPers voted in 2012 vs. 2008 > Obama only won by 2,000,000!

The Democrats aren’t beating Republicans by virtue of ideology so much as mechanics and logistics.

SURPRISED? Guns ban back on Obama's agenda - "More flexible" administration revives UN arms treaty


We lost the Republic in the classroom long before we lost it in the voting booth!

Lots of Meat Here: 30 Reasons Republicans Lost The Election

HINT on We Go From Here: "It is when a people forget God that tyrants forge their chains" - Patrick Henry