Monday, November 12, 2012

A silver lining for social conservatives > Creating a unified front to face a difficult future

Illustration Right Button by Greg Groesch for The Washington TimesFrom Mario Diaz at

…Social conservatives usually are blamed every time we lose an election, but the fact is that social conservatives did some great work this election, despite the obvious challenges Mr. Romney’s record presented. A national post-election survey commissioned by the Faith and Freedom Coalition found that the evangelical vote increased to a record 27 percent of the electorate, the highest share of the vote in modern political history.

Our work to get out the vote paid off, and this is an area that still presents enormous potential, with only about half of all evangelicals actually voting. There is more reason for encouragement. We have a strong crop of young leaders with amazing potential, including Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, who reminds us of the strong bond we can establish with Hispanics and other minority groups who share our conservative values. Reaching out will require much work, but it is promising work.

By far the most problematic result of the election for social conservatives was two states’ legalization of homosexual “marriage” by popular vote for the first time in our nation’s history. But once again, that is not problematic because of some perceived loss of power or influence with the electorate. The other side’s victories are minute compared to our record on the issue. The problem comes from the pain that inevitably will follow from those states’ decisions.

Then again, sometimes pain is the only thing that compels us to seek a cure for what ails us. Social conservatives stand ready.

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