Friday, October 12, 2012

Conservative on Target! 10/12/12

Polls Reflect Voter Reality, Not Pundits' Preoccupations: Where will it go from here? If nothing changes in the real world, the race will remain close until Election Day. If perceptions of the economy or events in the Middle East shift, the election could shift, as well. But the bottom line is that whatever changes take place will be driven by voter perceptions of reality, not the petty preoccupations of the Political Class.

 Obama campaign provides incentive for Romney not to release policy details -- Obama campaign deputy campaign manager Stephanie Cutter caused a stir when she said Thursday that the only reason the Benghazi consulate attack that killed four Americans, including American Ambassador to Libya Christopher Stevens, has become a "political topic" is because the Romney-Ryan campaign keeps bringing it up. Amidst condemnation, Cutter initially defiantly said she wouldn't resign, but later changed her tune and said that under certain conditions she would. TheDC's Matthew Boyle reports:
  "Cutter has changed her tune and is now open to resigning for her remarks about Libya — but she has conditioned her promise of resignation on something from the Romney campaign. 'I promise to resign as soon as Romney releases his taxes or gives a foreign policy speech with some policy in it,' she said, according to The Huffington Post’s Sam Stein."
   It is entirely legitimate for voters to ask Romney to release more tax returns and give more policy details. But in one sentence, Cutter gave Romney his best reason yet not to. Cutter remaining as a spokeswoman for Team Obama can only be a positive for Romney.

"Let me explain this.  There are, fundamentally, only two causes of the progress of the nineteenth century -- the same two causes which you will find at the root of any happy, benevolent, progressive era in human history.  One cause is psychological, the other existential -- or: one pertains to man's consciousness, the other to the physical conditions of his existence.  The first is reason, the second is freedom.  And when I say "freedom," I do not mean poetic sloppiness, such as "freedom from want" or "freedom from fear" or "freedom from the necessity of earning a living."  I mean "freedom from compulsion -- freedom from rule by physical force."  Which means: political freedom. " -- Ayn Rand


Biden just smirked himself out of office after trying to throw the entire intelligence community under the bus!

CEO TO EMPLOYEES: If Obama Wins, You May Want to Get Some Boxes and Pack Up Your Offices

71% of Latinos Support Photo ID Laws - Hmm .. Does this explain big switch to Romney in FL?

"Do not ever let anyone claim to be a true American patriot if they ever attempt to separate Religion from politics." George Washington