Thursday, September 13, 2012

From Muslim to Christian, Obama continues to dissemble about his past

By Daniel Pipes at

… This double religiosity, admittedly, is being discussed at a time when Mr. Obama is an international figure and the nature of his religious affiliation had taken on political overtones. Still, that three figures from his Indonesian past independently made this same point is striking and demonstrates the complexity of Mr. Obama’s personal development. It also raises the inconclusive but intriguing possibility that Mr. Obama, even at the tender ages of 6 through 10, sought to combine his maternal and paternal religions into a personal syncretic whole, presenting himself as both Christian and Muslim. In subtle ways, he still does just that.

In conclusion, available evidence suggests that Mr. Obama was born and raised a Muslim and retained a Muslim identity until his late 20s. Child to a line of Muslim males, given a Muslim name, registered as a Muslim in two Indonesian schools, he read the Koran in religion class, still recites the Islamic declaration of faith and speaks to Muslim audiences like a fellow believer. Between his non-practicing Muslim father, his Muslim stepfather and his four years of living in a Muslim milieu, he was seen by others and saw himself as a Muslim.

This is not to say that he was a practicing Muslim or that he remains a Muslim today — much less an Islamist — nor that his Muslim background significantly influences his political outlook (which is typical of an American leftist). Nor is there a problem about his conversion from Islam to Christianity. The issue is that Mr. Obama has specifically and repeatedly lied about his Muslim identity. More than any other single deception, Mr. Obama’s treatment of his own religious background exposes his moral failings.

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