Monday, September 10, 2012

Conservative on Target–9/10/12

Our Political Battles Choose Us — We Don’t Get to Choose Them: I don’t believe we have the luxury of sitting out a vote just because we’re annoyed by the deep failings of the candidate most manifesting Christian-influenced policies. God calls us to be faithful in the situation in which he places us. And that means working within the system in which he places us — as long as we don’t sin in doing it. This is why it was impermissible for Moses’ parents to collude in infanticide but permissible for the son for whom they risked their lives to be reared as a pagan emperor’s son. This is why it was impermissible for the three Hebrew boys to worship an idol but permissible for them to serve a pagan king. This is why it was impermissible for Daniel to avoid public prayer but permissible of him to rule a pagan kingdom. It seems this is one of the main points Jim Jordan was trying to make recently.

The Democratic Party's Polarizing Convention: Four lasting impressions remain from the Democratic Convention in Charlotte: (1) Delegates raucously booing the chairman's phony ruling accepting the amendment which put God and Jerusalem as the capital of Israel back into the official Democrat platform, (2) an obsessive focus on "reproductive freedom" -- contraception and abortion, (3) a disproportionate emphasis on "women's equality" in the face of a U.S. economy that is in crisis, and (4) rhetoric permeated with desperation, distortions, and demagoguery…
An American Thinker columnist put it this way: "If re-elected, Barack Obama will finally have the luxury of being himself, and that is something that should terrify every American."

   Obama Doubled the Jobs Deficit: President Obama has spun the latest jobs report in a desperate effort to keep his own job, stressing to voters that August saw modest job growth in the private sector. What the president won’t say is that the growth is measured only against the previous month’s report from the Bureau of Labor Statistics and that 86,000 fewer jobs exist in America today than when he took office in January 2009. Moreover, whatever modest jobs growth the president can claim in recent months is dwarfed by the increase of the work-force population.
   During the Obama administration, the jobs deficit has doubled — that is, the gap between the actual number of jobs and the number we would expect in a historically “normal” economy with the current size of the U.S. population.


"A government which does not trust its citizens to be armed is not itself to be trusted." Niccolo Machiavelli

Obama’s ‘advance team’ leaves giant American flag on the ground before campaign event

OH, oh. . Romney: ‘I’m Not Getting Rid of All of Health Care Reform’

Photo of the Day - Is Joe Biden asking this biker woman if she wants to meet Bill?

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