Friday, September 7, 2012

Conservative on Target! 9/7/12

   Obama's New America by Ben Stein: I was on a show with the famed pollster, Jonathan Zogby. He said that if the black vote were split evenly, instead of going 95% to Obama, Romney would win in a landslide. The ethnic bloc vote is extremely serious and important.
   On to the debates and let's hope Mr. Romney can find his emotions and some specifics and bring them to bear. Beating Mr. Obama, with his 95% support in the black community, 80% support in the gay community -- that is not going to be easy. It may not even be possible. It is a new America.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu apparently got into a sharp confrontation with the U.S. Ambassador to Israel in a recent meeting over the Obama Administration’s Iran policy.

Muslim Delegates at Democratic Convention Quadrupled Since 2004: The number of Muslim delegates attending the Democratic National Convention has quadrupled since 2004, the Religion News Service reports. According to the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), more than 100 Muslim delegates are representing some 20 states at the DNC in Charlotte, N.C., this week -- up from 25 delegates in 2004. CAIR government affairs coordinator Robert McCaw said the numbers were "a sign of the American Muslim community's growing civic engagement and acceptance in the Democratic Party," adding that Democrats had targeted outreach to American Muslims. A "handful" of Muslims were delegates at the Republican National Convention last week in Tampa, Fla., McCaw said. [Sura 2:98: "Allah is an enemy to unbelievers." Is this why God was originally left out of the Democrat planks?]

The Sole Moral Imperative And The Inherent Amorality of Collectivist Moral Philosophy: Aristotle, Aquinas and Rand’s basic premise is the only inherently moral premise. One must be virtuous to be moral, virtue is a habit and must be practiced and developed, the individual and the health and happiness of the individual are paramount to morality. The nature of life is too complex and transient to have any system or any axiomatic understandings guide your moral decisions, you simply have to practice a virtuous life and hope those virtues will put you in a good position to make the right decisions

THEY WILL KILL YOU -- A civil rights icon sunk to scaremongering at the Democratic National Convention Thursday. The DC's Neil Munro reports: "Rep. John Lewis used his Thursday convention speech to argue that a GOP victory in November will send African-Americans back to the early 1960s, when he and other Africans-Americans were forcibly denied access to restaurants, public transportation and the ballot box. ;I’ve seen this before, I lived this before,' he claimed, after extensively describing his activism in Southern states in the 1950 and 1960s. 'We were met by an angry mob that beat us and left us lying in a pool of blood,' he said to raucous applause from roughly 20,000 delegates and activists. 'Brothers and sisters, do you want to go back?' he called, prompted a loud response of 'No!'"


Fact Check: First Lady's False Fairy Tale of Struggle

MISDIRECTION! Hey, Obama! Doesn't do much good to tout how much oil acreage you have opened up when you won't issue the permits! #DNC2012

DISGUSTING! Wimpy Obama is self-aggrandizing at the expense of our warriors!

JACKBOOT Watch! After Axelrod Contact, Gallup Sued by DOJ Over Unfavorable Poll Numbers for Obama

America's cultural divide now almost absolute: Democrats can't conceal their contempt for religion!

WOW! U.S. Debt Now $136,260 Per Household—Up 50% Under Obama {Doesn't Include Entitlement Debts]