Thursday, September 6, 2012

Conservative on Target – 9/6/12

Krauthammer on Clinton’s Speech: “It’s precisely the one thing Clinton could not admit: that when he lost the House, in this Gingrich revolution, in 1994, he actually changed course,” Krauthammer explained.
   “First two years, he was a sort of left-wing trying to take over health care, especially with Hillary Care, raising taxes and all of that — as Obama was. But he made a very decisive shift, which for [Clinton] was natural because he is by instinct a centrist. And Obama is instinctually a far-more-left Democrat.”
   “And it’s because of that shift to the center that Clinton succeeded, and he passed welfare [reform], and he ended up with a balanced budget — and because he did not shift that Obama is where he is with a fairly wrecked economy, little support and really just hanging on in a race that he could very well lose.”

Many of the executives on President Obama's jobs council run or advise companies that engage in outsourcing with China and other foreign countries, according to an investigation by the Washington Guardian. >>> Meanwhile, in China, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was stood up by that country’s vice president yesterday.
"Few things are more irritating than when someone [Bill Clinton] who is wrong is also very effective in making his point.” -- Mark Twain

Fact Check: Obama Had More to Do With 2008 Economic Meltdown Than Bush Ever Did

Those who cannot bravely face danger are the slaves of their attackers. –Aristotle

UNREAL! Obama Cuts Back Military Drills With Israel – Holds Drills With Muslim Brotherhood Led Egypt

Poke a Prog With This! Ad exposes Obama’s sickening extreme record on abortion

The Party of Atheists, Homosexuals, Abortionists, and Muslims

Saul Alinsky, Progressive Saint, is Alive and Well at the Democrat National Convention

FALSE IDOL WATCH: 'God' Removed from Democrats' Platform, But 'Obama' Mentioned 100 Times -

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