Saturday, September 1, 2012

Conservative on Target! 9/1/12

Why Gun Rights Matter: As Alexis de Tocqueville said in the 19th century: “what good is it to me to have an authority always ready…to brush away all dangers from my path if such an authority… is also the absolute master of my freedom.”  More simply put, safety in despotism is not preferable to insecurity in freedom. Fortunately, America is a country that has a good measure of both freedom and safety, and overall the second amendment strengthens our safety while preserving our freedom.

Changing the Rules and Playing Games With Freedom: Time to decide: are you okay with the triumph of evil, or are you going to obey your God [Mat 5:13], and heed God rather than men [Acts 5:29]?
   Is This an Election, or ‘The Stand’? The GOP, which just finished it’s convention, has adopted a pro-life, pro-family, pro-woman, pro-freedom, pro-capitalism platform that if used as a political blueprint could really restore this country’s greatness. They’ve even adopted Internet freedom and anti-Agenda 21 planks.
   On the other side, the Democratic Party just seems to slip further and further into darkness and want to drag down the country with it. Abortion, gay marriage, environmentalism, gun control, state-controlled health care, more economic destruction, socialism and statist tyranny are the aims of Left-wing policies.
   AIG, Surprise Moneymaker - Its profits for taxpayers cast doubt on the notion that it behaved recklessly before the panic struck.
   There are two lessons: The government's readiness to relieve the worst consequences of failed risk-taking is itself risky. Secondly, uncertainty about the rules in a panic is a killer.
   But it also follows that the potential gains from intervening in a panic are irresistible. The payoff is too great for politicians rationally not to act. You solve no problem, and fool no one, by pretending governments can simply forswear bailouts.

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