Monday, September 3, 2012

Clint Still Has the Guts that Punks Lack – #Eastwooding #EmptyChairDay

From Shawn Mitchell at

Eastwood’s skewering so vexed the president and his media guard that they couldn’t decide whether to squeal like pigs or pretend to mourn a fading star.  In 11 captivating and unpredictable minutes, Eastwood’s skit injected these themes into popular consciousness:

•   Obama’s presidency is like an empty chair.

•   His ascension was a sort of celebrity-whipped party, presided over by a crying Oprah.

•   Our tears really should instead be shed for 23 million unemployed Americans.

•  Obama’s not helping. It’s time for someone with better solutions.

•  He made so many promises. How does he answer people for them?

•  Obama’s unseriousness on security is evident in things like proposing to try terrorists in civilian court in New York City; announcing in advance the withdraw safe date for the Afghan jihadis who are waiting us out; and pandering to Russia in charting our plans.

•  Democrat “intellect” Joe Biden is a grinning buffoon.

•  The contrast is stark between Obama’s lofty pronouncements, and his high-carbon, jet-setting, campus-pandering, campaigning style of “governing.”

•  The empty chair’s protests telling Clint to shut up, and telling him and Romney respectively to do physically impossible things to themselves were funny rebukes to the “likeable” picture of Obama the media protects like the Mona Lisa. He’s not nice. He’s a Chicago pol with Nixon’s list and Madame DeFarge’s scarf.

Judge for yourself ….