Wednesday, September 5, 2012

As You Leak It – Conservative Cartoon

From hopenchangecartoons:

Yesterday saw the release of "No Easy Day," the story of Osama bin Laden's killing by one of the Navy Seals who actually took part in the mission.

But the author, writing under the name Mark Owen, has come in for heavy criticism from the Pentagon for revealing tippity-top secret information about the training programs and operational details of the Navy Seal program which "may provide enemies with dangerous insight into their secretive operations."

Except what the book reveals is that Navy Seals train really, really hard and most of those who try to enter the program wash out. And it then goes on to say that when Navy Seals are told to deliver a heapin' helpin' of whupass, you can bet your last dollar that someone is about to have a really bad day.

Not exactly stunning revelations, huh?

Certainly not as stunning as the genuinely top-secret information which the Whitehouse has leaked repeatedly to make our feckless Commander-in-Chief seem slightly less of a hand-wringing wimp. For instance, the Whitehouse leaks betrayed the man in Pakistan who helped us find Osama bin Laden...they've given operational details of how the mission was planned and carried out...and they revealed that the Seals recovered computers and harddrives from bin Laden's hideout, thereby making the information nearly worthless.

Even worse, Team Obama has given nearly unlimited access to top secret documents in order to facilitate the making of a Hollywood film which was originally intended to be released, by some almost inconceivable coincidence, just before election day.

The politically-motivated Whitehouse security leaks are endangering the lives of Americans domestically and abroad, whether civilians or uniformed members of the military. But to combat these leaks, Obama has done nothing other than ask Eric Holder to look into it. And considering Holder's inability to see New Black Panthers with billy clubs in front of polling places, or "Fast & Furious" guns flying across the border, we're thinking that Helen Keller is more capable of "taking a look" than the Attorney General.

In light of all the leaking, Hope n' Change finds it unacceptably hypocritical of the Obama administration to criticize "No Easy Day. " Though perhaps they're only worried that the "spoilers" in the book will put a damper on their movie's box office profits.

Because for this administration, the profit (blessed be the name) always comes first.