Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Conservative on Target! 8/21/12

   President Obama, Mr. Tough Guy? -- President Obama apparently talks tougher about Marco Rubio than he does about Iran. The DC's Alex Pappas reports on some revelations in journalist Glenn Thrush's new book:
   "'Obama’s Last Stand' also describes Obama as 'a cocky trash-talker,' though his 'confidence … was not absolute.' In one anecdote, Thrush wrote that in the months before Romney announced his running mate, Obama asked a friend of Marco Rubio’s if she thought the Florida senator would be tapped. 'Tell your boy to watch it,' Obama said, according to Thrush. 'He might get his ass kicked.'"

Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood told The Daily Caller that he is "very proud" of stimulus spending that created jobs—at a cost of about $738,461 per job. [Only a progressive elitist who knows better than we do could be proud of this!]
"[Individuals] have a right to defend themselves and recover by force what by unlawful force is taken from them." -- John Locke
TWEETS Paul Ryan in Pennsylvania: "Happy to Be Clinging to My Guns and My Religion" http://t.co/4I9aoQtF
MATH = Kryptonite to Democrats http://t.co/71KnW5KH
WOW! Holder: Minorities are “biologically incapable” (too stupid) of obtaining voter identification.”http://t.co/YMiuSkK6
The worst moment for the atheist is when he is really thankful and has nobody to thank. - Dante Gabriel Rossetti
FINALLY! Some Leftist Honesty: Unions are Communist Tools http://bit.ly/NZ5fJD
The Ultimate Visual Guide to the Obamacare Tax Cliff Courtesy of Cloward-Piven http://bit.ly/PAxm3E
Send this to a progressive > More than 500 economists, 5 Nobel laureates back Romney’s economic strategyhttp://thedc.com/PA0Uyh