Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Keep the GOP on it’s toes and We the People may have a chance.

By John Sykes

Let’s hope we win this election because we must. More importantly, win or lose, we must keep the GOP on it’s toes if we want it to keep the conservative promises it seems to be making. If we don’t, the long statist slide we have seen since the onset of progressivism will continue.

Moreover, turning the ship of state is going to take at least a generation. Cleaning out the elitists of both parties will not be easy. They are chameleons who don’t care who is in office, a bi-partisan cabal that shares economic power. They simply swap offices without having to fear any real change. Sure. They squabble and attack each other but that’s all for show. It’s just Kabuki! But they are nervously watching us right now.

You see, our DC elites know that the necessary structural recovery will occur only when We the People recapture our political system and culture – and stay vigilant!