Saturday, August 4, 2012

Conservative on Target! 8/4/12

   The Pixie Dust Energy Source: According to Bloomberg, recent price decreases in solar equipment have driven costs from about 25 cents per kwh to 17 cents per kwh for photovoltaic (PV) powered solar energy, the least expensive form of solar power deployable at scale. But that’s a far cry from the average retail price for electricity as of June 2011. In May, according to the US Energy Information Agency, customers paid 9.70 cents per kwh for electricity generated by conventional means, nearly half of solar’s cost.
   “In principle, tens of thousands of jobs have been created in the German PV [solar] industry,” says the leftist UK Guardian, a supporter of solar, “but this is gross jobs, not net jobs: had the money been used for other purposes, it could have employed far more people. The paper estimates that the subsidy for every solar PV job in Germany is €175,000: in other words the subsidy is far higher than the money the workers are likely to earn. This is a wildly perverse outcome. Moreover, most of these people are medium or highly skilled workers, who are in short supply there. They have simply been drawn out of other industries.”

   Liberals are so convinced they are on the side of what is right and just, that no rule, law, societal convention or sense of fairness and equity is allowed to get in the way of them forcing the rest of us to do as they say.
   This is the essence of a progressive; they are always willing to allow those with whom they disagree the option of doing as they are told.  When anyone refuses, they are labeled racists, reactionaries or nuts.  Liberals actually believe that acting this way is fair and just and will result in a better America.
   Sad, isn't it?

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SHAME ON OBAMA! Sure, He Supports The Troops But He Sure Doesn't Want Them To Vote Easily