Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Conservative on Target! 8/28/12

I am too tired tonight to address the perfidy of the RINO elites power grab at the RNC. All that We the People have done to support the GOP went into the tank tonight. Once again, it is obvious that most of our politicians of any persuasion care only about their power perches. More later …. Search #RNCpowergrab on twitter for a preview.

Of the four voter segments analyzed, Barna Group projects that churchgoing Christian women will comprise the largest share of voters on November 6. In all, 30% of ballots are likely to be cast by churchgoing women, 22% by other women, 20% by churchgoing men and 28% by other men. Representing such a high percentage of the population and with such a strong likelihood to vote, Christian women are a particularly important group for politicians and pundits to pay attention to this fall.

43 percent of immigrants who have been in the US at least 20 years are receiving welfare benefits! http://t.co/Y74CJOom

DISGUSTING! WH commemorates Neil Armstrong's passing with enormous photograph of... Barack Obama http://t.co/USbxRnLg

#rncpowergrab Time to let the DC Rino elites know they have really stepped in it! Keep this rolling....

Making the US military submit to Shariah - Politically-correct policies killing our warriors!http://t.co/xFrnJF3d

Getting Obama's Goat! Romney Reminds People About Obama’s Greek Columns http://t.co/QFcuHQsi

"Obama loves the poor!” Oh, that’s why he’s created so many more of them in the last 31/2 years." http://t.co/NhZKWL74