Monday, July 23, 2012

Freedom: Now Mandated by Enlightened Regulators

From Shawn Mitchell at

…Too many ignore history’s lessons. Some take our prosperity for granted, believing it’s immune to governmental malpractice. Others say the pie is limited anyway, they best they can do is game the system to grab the biggest piece, or spread it around, and reward friends and supporters. 

The deniers of exceptionalism don’t understand our prosperity flows from an essential mix of vision, work, capital, and risk and perseverance, through setbacks. Those happy elements spring from freedom, not from mandates, planning, or even majority vote.

With a thousand threads and obstacles and distortions, they misallocate resources, divert productive effort, bleed away prosperity, reward their friends and cronies, try to direct what gets produced, what gets consumed, how much, and by whom.

It’s not just “business” they’re choking. It’s our pursuit of happiness.

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