Monday, July 23, 2012

Conservative on Target! 7/23/12

[This is one of the best posts done on the current self-defense issues arising out of Aurora] Debunking Jason Alexander's Gun Myths: Jason, there are wolves among us. Pulling the teeth of the sheepdogs will do nothing to protect the sheep. Statistics show that we live in a very violent society, but that violence has nothing to do with the implements used to achieve that violence. Until we can transform our society into one that has more respect for human life and human dignity, the best we can do is allow the sheepdogs among us to stand in defiance of the wolves. We’ll never be able to do that if every time a wolf steals a sheep, we de-fang the dog. Read the whole post here …

Obama Administration's Cost-Cutting Incompetence: Barack Obama has made it clear that he is a big believer in big government and has adopted a economic plan to run trillions of dollars in annual deficits for as long as possible. Obama remains steadfast against making any dramatic cuts in government spending and when pressed to announce some half-hearted effort to cut the size and the cost of government, his administration has resisted the cuts, and has transformed even the puniest efforts to cut federal spending into even greater demands upon taxpayer funds. The Obama Administration’s cost cutting efforts within federal agencies are so ineffective, they often cost taxpayers more than the savings originally proposed by the cuts.

Obama's Goddess Cult: Pelosi, Wasserman Schultz, Brzezinski - Obama's cult of goddesses will one day find that they no longer need any male to promote "the causes of women."  And he will find himself with no one to worship and no one to worship him.

RINO Watch! Tea Party Is the New Reality: From Jim Demint – no faint praise: The Tea Party has provided a much-needed infusion of accountability to ensure that the GOP champions the values that have made our nation prosperous. The genius of the Tea Party is that it is not a single group that may one day be corrupted. Its allegiance lies with the Constitution and our founding principles, not with a person or party. [Must Read!]

The Duty of Self-Defense: Each of us can, and must, resolve ourselves to our duty of self-defense. We cannot rely on the government to defend us every minute of the day. We have to accept our duty and do our best to perform it. [Just look up how many police were on duty at the “Gun-Free” Aurora Movie theater – plenty! – JS]

   An America Without the Republican Party: In conclusion, an America exclusively run by Democrats from its inception would quickly have become an impoverished, crime-ridden, industrially depressed, war-riddled slave state. On the other hand, Republicans freed the slaves, provided a climate for economic growth and innovation, were responsible enough to provide military funding for wars that Democrats started or agreed to wage, have tended to keep crime under control, have mostly respected individual rights, and more closely obeyed the Constitution.
   The Republican Party might not be as conservative as many on the right would like, but it is an indispensable check on the irredeemably corrupt and dangerous Democrats. Those of us who consider ourselves on the libertarian and conservatarian side need to work within the party to push for realistic and positive change.

Criminals don't care about laws written by politicrats hiding in their chambers with body guards!