Monday, March 12, 2012

Conservative on Target! 3/12/12

THE VETTING! [Folks. The single best legacy that Breitbart has left us, which his surviving organization calls “The Vetting”, will end up proving Obama’s true colors. Those colors are basically red, racist, mysogynist, and more. Properly developed, the divisive Obama should end up an outcast and pariah, a deceiver or worse. Here are five of the first posts. We must work to keep these in the public view and in front of all Americans, not just conservatives! - JS]

  • Jeremiah Wright on Derrick Bell, Jesus, and the Jews: A Sermon Obama Could Not Have Missed: In 2008, Obama claimed that he had never heard Wright use anti-American or racist rhetoric from the pulpit. Yet this radical, antisemitic sermon--among others--was in print, and likely available from the church, while Obama sat in the pews. He could not have missed it, nor pretended not to know about Wright's views.
  • Obama: Communist-Recognized Congressman 'Shares Our Values':
    He is one on the greatest congressmen in the country,” said President Obama. The reason, Obama told a Teamsters union rally in 2004, “is because he shares our values.” At that time—just eight years ago—Congressman Danny Davis was continuing his efforts to help move then-State Senator Obama up the Chicago political food chain. And not that long ago—in fact, just two weeks—that Congressman Davis was honored by People’s World, a news website, at the Communist Party U.S.A.’s headquarters in Chicago for a lifetime of “inspiring leadership.”
  • How Much Did Bell Influence Obama's Ideology? It's seems the young Obama really took Bell's teachings to heart. He wasn't kidding when he said Bell had spoken "truth" to him in the now widely viewed video. Why did the media downplay the video in 2008? Why are they desperately trying to downplay it now?
  • Soledad O'Brien and CNN Fail to Challenge 'Separate But Equal': The reality is that the current President of the United States chose to assign the ideas of Derrick Bell to students at the University of Chicago as required reading. Obama did not just embrace Derrick Bell physically; he also embraced his ideas enough to consider them worthy of inclusion in his curriculum. Those ideas continue to affect his appointments and administration.
  • Judging Obama by His Antisemitic Friends: Last week's release of the Barack Obama/Derrick Bell Harvard tape was seen by many as another example of the President’s long history associating with radicals. There is another interpretation, however. When Obama urged people to open up their hearts and minds to Bell, it was another case of him “cozying up" to an antisemite.  Understand--we are not talking about people who are anti-Israel (although there is a huge crossover of the two) but people who regularly use antisemitic stereotypes or more directly derogatory comments about Jews.

At The Washington Post History Ends In 1964: As I have noted many times, contrary to Chris Cillizza’s revisionist view of history and the wishful thinking of establishment Republicans, history proves that when Republicans run content-free establishment campaigns they lose. When they nationalize the election and run on the conservative agenda, they win. [Yet another article agreeing that conservative social issues win campaigns, not the typical GOP establishment fodder! – JS]

First Amendment Dumped. Sign a Petition – Get Arrested: The mayor of El Paso, Texas, is so upset with people who signed a petition that he wants them arrested. How dare these people express their constitutional rights in the United States of America where they are protected by the First Amendment to the Constitution. [This is more complicated than it looks. It’s actually a freedom of religion issue. He’s trying to get them arrested because, as Christians, he believed they legally couldn’t speak up. – JS]