Thursday, December 1, 2011


[I find the following post particularly saddening as we watch Libya and Egypt, with the Obama administration’s support, maybe even encouragement, reverting to Sharia law and it’s horrors! – JS]

By Michael Youssef

True Democracy can no more take hold in Islamic soil than a rose can grow in a glass vase…no matter how much water it contains. This is a true statement and many Islamists know that this is a true statement.

Tell that to the politically correct segment of our society. This segment, whether it is the mainstream media or foreign policy makers, is afflicted with “opposite disorder” or better described as “Islamophilia.” “What is Islamophilia?,” you ask. It is the irrational and self-destructive desire to show how enlightened and morally superior you are by bending over backwards to embrace the Islamic cause…

Islamists can never appreciate or pledge an allegiance to the constitution or the flag, only to the Shari’a and the Caliphate. That is why, to them, democracy is a folly or a tool to reach power. Once there, ALL forms and trappings of secular democracy will be swept away into the dust bin of Jihad. As a Christian who loves ALL people but not ALL systems I pray that the mainstream media and government officials will be cured of this deadly disease before it is too late for ALL of us.

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