Friday, November 4, 2011

Conservative on Target!

The White House is facing a new subpoena from Congress regarding the Solyndra scandal. Meanwhile, the Department of Energy's Office of Inspector General is investigating more than100 instances of criminal abuse of stimulus loans.

Happy Days Aren't Here Again:
   The Democrats' challenge? They're living on faded glory, and Mr. Obama has done nothing for the brand. In January 2009 it was bright and shiny. He has murked it up pretty good. The cascade of government-private sector scandals, from Fannie Mae to Solyndra, has dulled the brand further. Party of the working man? Party of the guy who kited the mortgage deals, got bailed out, and left the working man living in his car.
   The Republicans' challenge now: holding together, and breaking 20th-century stereotypes. They should distance themselves from government even as they prove they can govern, and not only oppose but propose. They should put themselves apart from the rigged, piggish insider life of Washington. And try not to look nuts while they're doing it.
Moral Abdication: Those who resist the self-flagellation that travels under the name multiculturalism are accused of chauvinism. But the withdrawal from any kind of judgment is yielding a generation of moral cripples. [Her son found Aztec human sacrifice OK because it was “part of their culture”. – JS]
The Republicans' Rising Satisfaction Quotient > Conventional wisdom says GOP voters are unenthusiastic with their candidates. The evidence suggests otherwise. [This article points out how sure the GOP is to win. Every time I read one like it, I about throw-up in fear as it seems that the GOP is doing, or not doing, all that it can to lose. So far we seem to have the corrupt (Dems) plastering the stupid (GOP). – JS] 
Occupiers, Tea Partiers, and the Tenth Commandment: Occupy Wall Street preaches that the "1 percent" got rich by exploiting the "99 percent." The Tea Party believes that with greater freedom and less government, we could all be more prosperous and productive. One is rooted in envy, the other in self-respect. What distinguishes them, you might say, is the culture of the Tenth Commandment. That distinction is showing up in many ways, not least in the latest police reports.
Memo to the RNC: End the game shows: There’s a nasty rumor going around, and I want to put a stop to it.  Some people are spreading an untruth — that Republicans have had too many debates.  We haven’t had any debates.  We’ve had game shows, complete with doorbells and G-mail chimes.  And unlike Jeopardy!, we’re not learning much from the debates except which candidates can deliver the best zinger, which is a great quality … for a late-night TV comic.  Which politician can deliver the best policy outcomes?  The debates aren’t telling us that at all.
Thousands of Occupy Wall Street protesters rioted in Oakland yesterday evening -- shutting down a busy port, taking over abandoned buildings, setting fires, burning American flags, and destroying ATMs.
A Really, Really Useful Idiot! Michael Moore: We’re Going To Replace Capitalism As We Know It
Labor unions are endorsing a strike led by Occupy Wall Street protesters in Oakland, California. The unions include those representing public school teachers, community college instructors, city government workers and University of California-Berkeley teaching assistants.
Obamaland: American Mules Must Eat Certified Weed-Free Hay: The Forest Service was willing to offer a conditional drilling permit. Among the conditions were these requirements: (1) The drill sites must be cleared using hand tools, (2) The drilling equipment and fuel must be transported to the site by a team of pack mules, (3)The mules must be fed certified weed-free hay, and (4) Drill site and trail reclamation must be done using hand tools. [We are soooo far down the rabbit hole! – JS]
What do you call a loan that’s sub-sub-sub-prime? Guaranteed by Obama!
Girl Scouts Allow Boy to Join Because He’s ‘Living Life as a Girl’:      
  The Girl Scouts of Colorado are allowing a 7-year-old boy to join a local troop because he is “living life as a girl.”
  “We make the distinction that if a child is living life as a girl and the family brings the child to us and says my daughter wants to be a Girl Scout, we welcome her,” Rachelle Trujillo, vice president of communications with Girl Scouts of Colorado told [I can’t imagine buying Girl Scout cookies from this poor boy. Can you imagine the camp-outs? – JS]
"The evils of tyranny are rarely seen but by him who resists it." -- John Hay