Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Freedom isn’t Free for Christians! > Vanderbilt U Hates Religious Freedom

By Rod Dreher

"We are committed to making our campus a welcoming environment for all of our students," Vanderbilt University says. Which is, of course, [b------t]. It's what institutions say when they wish to curtail the religious liberty of their students. It means that Vanderbilt is determined to be unwelcoming to traditional Christians, Jews, and Muslims, who, if they are faithful to the teachings of their respective religions, cannot morally affirm homosexuality.

According to the Nashville Tennessean, Vanderbilt is threatening to yank recognition from a dozen groups, including Christian groups, for not conforming to the university's diversity policy. The university's Christian Legal Society is one of those under the gun. From the newspaper:

The Vanderbilt chapter of the Christian Legal Society has rewritten its bylaws to include language that supports the university's diversity policies. But when Vanderbilt asked the club to remove a requirement that the group president lead Bible studies, the club drew the line.

"Our group will no longer be able to exist," said law student Justin Gunter, one of the chapter's leaders.

Understand what the university is requiring:that a group cannot set any conditions for the beliefs its leadership must hold.

This is crackpot stuff.

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Freedom isn’t free
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