Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Conservative on Target!

GOP Folds Again > House easily clears latest stopgap funding bill: A stopgap spending bill to keep the government funded through Nov. 18 cleared Congress Tuesday after winning quick House approval over the objections of conservatives and Tea Party Republicans. The 352-66 vote followed a truncated floor debate—consuming little more than 10 minutes and something of a power play by the Appropriations Committee leadership. But it also reflected a weariness in both parties after the roller-coaster ride of recent weeks, and while a solid phalanx of 53 Republicans voted in opposition, none rose to demand time to speak on the question.

The President of Contempt: When a good history of anti-Americanism is someday written, it will note that it's mainly a story of disenchantment—of the obdurate and sometimes vulgar reality of the country falling short of the lover's ideal. Listening to Mr. Obama, especially now as the country turns against him, one senses in him a similar disenchantment: America is lovable exactly in proportion to the love it gives him in return. Hence his increasingly ill-concealed expressions of contempt. Hence the increasingly widespread counter-contempt. And the WSJ adds “But now that Obama's approval ratings are collapsing and his policies are deeply unpopular, the American people have "gotten a little soft." Suddenly, we're not the ones we've been waiting for”.
The 0.2% Solution > Crunching the Same-Sex Numbers:This census data exposes the two biggest myths created about gay marriage. The first is that there’s a huge demand for it. No way! In fact, there’s hardly any demand at all. Gay couples are not lined up at city halls hoping for a marriage license. The second myth is the so-called “marriage equity” argument: That this is just another the civil rights movement. Are you going to tell me that it was possible to fuel the civil rights movement with 646,000 couples, when only 131,000 had a real stake in it? It’s laughable.
Yes! Some Good News
! Death Blow Delivered to Obama’s High Speed Rail Boondoggle:
“With its vote on September 21, the Senate Appropriations Committee ended the rail boosters’ hopes of getting a meaningful appropriation for high-speed rail in the new (FY 2012) fiscal year. It probably also dealt a decisive death blow to President Obama’s loopy goal of ‘giving 80 percent of Americans access to high-speed rail,’î writes transportation expert Ken Orski at Innovation Briefs. And the $100 million the Senate left as a "placeholder" is likely to be zeroed out by the House, Orski notes, effectively killing President Obama’s dream of a high-speed rail network throughout the U.S.
Socialism, anyone? Obama Says He Can Stop Bank of America from Making 'a Certain Amount of Profit': "This is exactly why we need this [CFPB]," the president said. "We need somebody whose sole job it is to prevent stuff like this." [WOW! So how much profit is too much? – JS]
No, Rick Perry’s not a racist say … Texas Democrats > “He doesn’t have a racist bone in his body..” [Whether Perry is or not, the GOP candidates are savaging savaging each other once again! Cain is already walking his jab back. – JS]
U.S. Taxpayers Paying Big [$400,000,000?] for New United Nations Building: [Isn’t it about time we stopped paying for our progressive’s globalization stealth campaign? – JS]
Lousy day as The Supreme Court rejects Ten Commandment, 2nd Amendment, and Obama eligibility cases!
the 99Islam-Inspired Comic Superheroes, Lauded by Obama, Head to U.S. [Other than the fact that Obama praised this, Bloomberg published it, and it is yet another stealth attempt to promote sharia law, it might be funny. Just keep your kids home. You also might want to read 10 Things You Should Know About Sharia Law. – JS]