Thursday, October 27, 2011

BHO Creates Another Set of Serfs > On Selective Enforcement

[Great post. Obama purposefully leads us deeper and deeper into serfdom through selective enforcement of student debt, mortgage debt, illegal immigration, crushing regulation and so much more! – JS]


…The millionaire and billionaire Democrats, led by Obama … applied the same unsustainable math to the secondary education sector that they used in the real estate market in order to saddle future generations with a crushing private debt burden; as if it wasn’t enough already that they have saddled future generations with a crushing public debt burden.

Now, the six million students, who own more debt than credit card holders in the United States do, are 100 percent dependent on the federal government for their leave. They are like serfs, living at the pleasure of a Lord of the Manor.

And while this may be the newest and least subtle attempt to create permanent underclass, wholly dependent on the federal government, it’s not the only or even the most successful attempt to create a dictatorship on the backs of the working class and middle-class.

For all the talk of human rights by the Democrats, if they really cared about human rights they would have tackled illegal immigration when they had the power to do so. But they don’t care about human rights. They only care that millions of people in the US here illegally are wholly dependent on the federal government on who stays and who goes…

An army of regulators has descended upon American business, politics and society as a whole to remind us all who now has the great power to punish us when we step out of line. 

The easiest way to create a dictatorship is to create laws that you selectively enforce. And what else is government by regulators then selective enforcement?…

Until we elect politicians who pass laws that serve the citizens instead of asking the citizens to serve the law, we are all- citizens, students, homeowners, veterans, illegals, minorities, all of us- we are all just living on Lord Obama’s Manor.

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